Event Head

Samreen Alam


Sea of C is an event inviting all those tickling programmers to show off their Technical skills.

Bring out your maniac attitude of 'C'.

There will be two rounds in this event:

Round 1:
This round will be quiz round.

Duration:20 min
Question: 40

For correct answer 1 mark will be awarded and for incorrect answer 0.25 marks will be deducted.

Round 2:
This round will be based on coding.(problems statement will be given)

Duration: 30 min
Question:Total 3(attempt any 2)

Question pattern- (two sets) 1. One question compulsory 2. There will be option on second question (one out of two)

Registration Fee- Rs. 50/- per head

Shubham Sinha
Runner Up:
Amar Shukla
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