If you want to know the value of a week, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.
If you want to know the value of a day, ask a schoolboy on the last day before summer vacation.
If you want to know the value of a minute, well, ask a JAMmer!
Come show us that you can fill the unforgiving minute without “repetition, hesitation or deviation”.
For all the Grammar Nazis out there, here’s your chance to show ‘em its not “JUST” a minute!

Registration Fee (General events + Tshirt):
Rs 500

No registration fee from outsiders.

  1. This will be an individual event and is open to participants from other colleges and with no restrictions on the number of participants from the same college.
  2. Registrations will also be accepted on the spot at the registration desk on the day of the event on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Time limit will be of 1 minute.
  4. No props or articles will be provided and full verbal interaction will just be entertained.
  5. Repetition of words will not be entertained other than vowels and articles.
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