Are your mornings spent crouched over clues?
Have you felt the high as you scribble the last letters in that 15 x 15 grid?!
For the first time at MANAGERIA , presenting to you Crossie, cryptic style!

Registration fee:
500/- (General events + tshirt)

No registration fee from outsiders.

  1. Game will continue chance by chance.
  2. PUN words or Jargons and abbreviations won’t be accepted.
  3. It will be a vocab and word tester.
  4. Individual participation
  5. Participation is open to all the colleges
  6. On the spot registration shall be accepted
images/eveimages/scrabble/1.jpg images/eveimages/scrabble/2.jpg images/eveimages/scrabble/3.jpg