Event Heads:

Akanksha Mishra



This is an event for guys having the capability to entertain the mob.
A vigilant speaker on any topic.

Number of Participants: Solo (Only)

Registration Fees (INTERNAL): Rs. 100

Registration Fees (EXTERNAL): Rs. 200

Terms and Conditions:

  1. There will be 3 rounds.
    • Quiz Round: consist of Objective type question on General Knowledge of FM
    • SemiFinal Round: Spontaneity of participants will be judged. Taking phone calls from listener and entertaining over a given topic.
    • Grand Finale Round: It will be judged by a reputed radio jockey from a FM channel.
  2. Only Solo performances are permitted.
  3. Performance should not exceed more than 5 minutes.
  4. Jokes, Comments are allowed to entertain but should be careful, not to hurt anyone's belief or custom.
  5. Participants should be vigilant about the date and time, failure of passing of information is on participants part only.
  6. No registrations will be entertained after due date.
  7. The decisions and judgment of the judges will be final.

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