Event Head

Ajit Maithil

Deepak Pal

If your fingers always fumble while searching the keyboard or you have a sort of codephobia, so here is a chance to just kick this fear out of your chest.
It is an event Based on Debugging The Code. The Competitors will face the problem on C++ , JAVA and PYTHON language.

Event Procedure:
The code-road is sub divided into 3 rounds, these are mentioned are:

Round 1:
This round is based on debugging. In this round we will check the debugging skill of the participant. This is tag team round 2 team will participate at atime for Tag Team.

Round 2:
This round is related to coding of real time prblem.particiapnt will be given an half an hour to comeup on a solution otherwisw eliminated.

Round 3:
This round is regarding of technical awerness. Technical question will ne asked in this round. This will be the rapid fire round.

images/eveimages/code/1.jpg images/eveimages/code/2.jpg