Event Heads

Harsh Mishra

Shalika Patel

Are you an extrovert?
Always ready to be the center of attraction?

Can speak well and portray yourself in the best possible way in the opposite situations?

This is your event. But Beware, this is Rowdies 3.0

Registration Fees (INTERNAL): Rs. 100

Registration Fees (EXTERNAL): Rs. 200


  1. If a person not obeys the rule, one warning will be given and then disqualified.
  2. If person messes with crew members, then Direct disqualification will be done.
  3. Physical violence will not be tolerated, and Direct disqualification will be done.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Number of task can be fluctuated.
  2. Event will be held in two days:
    • 1st Day: GD and PI rounds.
    • 2nd Day: TASK round.
  3. Clothing will be managed by participants only.
  4. If the participant is busy somewhere else, no waiting will be done.
  5. If a person is hurted in the TASK, there will be no responsibility of the crew member (refusal can be made by participant for a TASK)
  6. Winner will be selected by judge.

WINNER - RS 10000
RUNNER UP - Gift Hampers.

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