Clear those throats and rack your brains for MANAGERIA very own street play competition Nukkad Naatak.
Drum it up, break the barriers, let your voices be heard by one and all and compete with some of the finest and most enthusiastic teams from colleges across the country.
If there’s a social message you want to spread, this is the place to be.

Registration fee:
Rs 75

No registration fee from outsiders.

  1. A team should have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 people (including musicians and exclusive of all helpers).
  2. The decisions of the judges are final & binding.
  3. The time duration is 20 minutes.
  4. Teams exceeding time limit will be penalized and those crossing 5 minutes extra-time will be disqualified.
  5. No electronic music instruments will be allowed.
  6. No sound system or mikes will be allowed.
  7. Plays with social relevance are expected.
  8. Use of fire (even diyas, candles or lighters) and water is not allowed.
  9. Teams have to bring their own props and costumes.
  10. On the spot registration shall be accepted
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