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Goshala: How to Help

Individual Responsibility

  • Learn about Cows, use of Cow dung, Cow urine, Milk and its derivatives.
  • Associate with devotees who are “Working for change”.
  • Start using Cow products in daily life.
  • Start adopting “Simple Living – High thinking” technologies in daily life.
  • Visit Varnasrama communities try living there at least for sometime and practically understand Cow protection and Krishna Consciousness.
  • Try making a contribution in whatever way to help develop such farm communities.
  • Try making monetary contribution to “Adopt a Cow” program at such farm communities.
  • Write articles, paint, talk about it and thus develop the missionary zeal.

The Radha Madhav Goshala maintains more than 50 cows, bulls and calves. Sponsor Sri Sri Radha Madhavs cow to obtain boundless mercy! The Goshala spends Rs. 17 Lakhs per year for maintaining the Cows. It takes up to Rs. 1,500/- per month, per Cow.

Expenses Donation (in Rs.)
Adopt a cow/bull for one year Rs. 18,000
Adopt a cow/bull for life Rs. 1,80,000
Adopt a calf for life Rs. 2,70,000
Feed full herd for a month Rs. 85,000
Feed a cow/bull for one year Rs.15,000
Maintain Goshala for one day Rs. 3,000
Total medical expenses for one month Rs.7,500

For purchase of additional land for the cows and construction for sheds, interested donors may contact temple.

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